Goluguri Bapi Raju (G B R) Degree College, Anaparthi has formulated plan of action document taking into consideration of views of students, parents, academicians, industrialists, stakeholders, faculty members, IQAC, alumni in 2015 for a period of ten years i.e. from 2015 to 2025. The plan of action of G B R Degree College, Anaparthi has raising the strengths that the college has developed over the past four decades to build upon them and develop new strengths. The strategy document has a plan for the five identified goals: to increase quality and quantity of academic programmes, use of ICT and new methods in teaching and learning process, research, faculty development and infrastructure.
To increase the quality and quantity of academic programmes
            Presently, G B R Degree College, Anaparthi has been offering B.A (H.E.P), B.Com (General), B.Sc (M.P.C) and B.Sc (B.Z.C) courses since its inception in Telugu medium. Now the college has aimed at introducing new courses and programmes. This introduction of new courses will enrich knowledge of students and increase employment opportunities. The institution has planned to introduce the following courses in English medium.  

  • B.Sc. – M.P.C 
  • B.Com – Computer Applications  
  • B.Sc – B.Z.C
  • B.Sc – M.P.Cs
  • B.Sc – M.S.Cs
  • Certificate courses

Use of ICT and new methods in teaching and learning process
            The college has planned to improve multimedia technology in practice. The use of ICT and other new methods in teaching and learning process will develop critical thinking and creativity and scientific temper among the students. Use of LCD projectors, smart boards, internet connection, Wi-Fi will strengthen teaching and learning process. Access to                e-resources through INFLIBNET having e-journal, e-books. Hence, the institution has a plan to:

  • Access to INFLIBNET by 2018.
  • Develop computer labs
  • Provide to additional e-class rooms.

Research Promotion
            The college hopes to improve interest on research among faculty and students. At present faculty are publishing papers in peer reviewed journals, publications of proceedings of conferences/workshops/seminars. The IQAC and Research cell will be enhanced to prove interest on research. Hence, the college plans to

  • To apply for Major and Minor research projects.
  • Encourage the faculty to organise seminars/conferences/workshops
  • Improve the activities of research cell
  • Conduct more student study projects
  • To apply for research centres in Chemistry and Economics
  • To develop consultancy and collaborations with industry

Faculty development
            The college aims at enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the institution in providing faculty members with enough opportunities to pursue research and also to participate in seminars/conferences/workshops, training programmes in such programmes would enable faculty members to update their needs of pedagogical skills. In this regard the college aims at:

  • To give opportunity to the faculty to pursue M.Phil./Ph.D degree
  • To give opportunity to the faculty to participate and present research papers in seminars/workshops/conferences.
  • Encourage the faculty to participate orientation courses, refreshers courses and other skill oriented courses.

            It is a fact that having good infrastructure tends to not only improve the knowledge but also increase the attendance and interest of students and faculty in learning. The college has built up an impressive infrastructure. The college has 25 spacious class rooms, science labs, computer labs, indoor stadium, modern gym, spacious ground, seminar hall, two ICT enabled class rooms with LCD projectors. But the increase of student members has resulted in less engagement of faculty with students.
            Evidences indicate that there is direct relationship between infrastructure and educational performance. Hence, the college targets that:

    • Facility such as stationery, first aid clinic and canteen will be enhanced
    • Upgradation of infrastructure in place of requirements.
    • The facilities provided for extra-curricular activities will be enhanced.